Welcome to my community organizing efforts. This songwriter culture has supported my art and personal life in the deepest and most fulfilling ways. That's why I like to spend time doing my part to support my fellow performing songwriters with community events that I organize and facilitate. Everything from songwriter - cetric shows, to seminars , meetups and anything that calls to me like instrument repair. I believe in service, this is my way of doing that. - Angel

Songwriter Breakthrough

seminars for the performing songwriter

One of my many job descriptions was a performing songwriter instructor for stage presence and focus on lyrics and storytelling. I am formally trained in lyric writing, stage presence and live sound production, but I have created my program that lifts from the music colleges we know, and real world experience as a working, touring and performing songwriter over decades in the micro industry of independant artistry. I tend to keep things real, no shortcuts here, and no claims that this one method I have created is the only way to accomplish your goals, in fact, I always preface that I am just showing what works for me and makes me happy and balanced in my artist life. That is all I can offer, and together we can learn, grow and enhance our craft for songwriting, critical technical skills and perfroming on stage in the most impactful way.

If you are interested in joining the seminar or getting notified of upcoming seminars you can email me at the bottom of the page.

Corsi Concerts

songwriter events

This is my passion project and my effort to support my songwriter culture. If you are an aspiring or pro performing songwriter looking for events, I will likely have something to point you towards. I organize everything from ultra-casual community events to rising artist showcases, and intense listening room shows. If interested, find me on my social media to grab my email, but please be humble and patient! I am a performer too and can only arrange these events between my own efforts as an artist. 

You can also use the form below to get connected via email!