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"63rd Street"

Listen to the latest single from the upcoming EP "Wild Blood" produced by VivaBeat Records.

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Latest EP Release

"fabula" solo acoustic ep

"Fabula" is a solo acoustic folk noir album that features songs about family dynamics, mortality and purpose through a crime drama.

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"To Keep You"

Listen to the brand new single from the upcoming EP "Songs for lovers" released by VivaBeat Records.

Available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.


Angel Corsi

folk-noir songwriter

Angel Corsi is a BIPOC folk singer and recent addition to the Front Range Colorado music scene. His music focuses on crime, family, trauma, gentrification and identity in the context of his new environment.

Angel believes the role of an artist is to find the "resistence,", or the "wall," and break through it or at very least shine a light on it by sharing stories withhout clear cut heroes or villains, just complicated people in complex and sometimes systemic situations.

Most of all, Angel sings about loneliness, searching for your place and belonging to yourself with a dose of meditations on love itself.

Dubbed a "Chicano Springsteen," Angel uses his upbringing and culture clash to the folk tradition with the same grit and gravitas as the "Boss" from a different and visceral perspective.



Specializing in alternative intimate venues such as indie owned coffee shops, record stores, art galleries, listening room venues and of course house concerts.

Photo by: Allison Randomski

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