"63rd Street"

Listen to the latest single from the upcoming EP "Wild Blood" produced by VivaBeat Records.

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"fabula" solo acoustic ep

"Fabula" is a solo acoustic folk noir album that features songs about family dynamics, mortality and purpose through a crime drama.

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Angel Corsi

folk-noir songwriter

The solo singer-songwriter writes noir centric songs about crime families, the inner city, and mental health issues.

Other socio-political themes include identity, race, poverty and finding peace in one's own skin. Being dubbed a "Barrio Bruce Springsteen", Corsi focuses on lookin' for out for the "little guy" with the "Boss" gravitas and a different cultural perspective.



Specializing in alternative intimate venues such as indie owned coffee shops, record stores, art galleries, listening room venues and of course house concerts.

Photo by: Allison Randomski

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